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AIMP Classic

AIMP Classic unterstützt alle gängigen Audio-Dateien und bietet zahlreiche Funktionen. Sie können Playlisten verwalten und mit dem integrierten Equalizer den Klang anpassen.

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Changelog für Version 2.50:

  • BASS v2.4 engine
  • New PluginController
  • New abilities for Addon-plugins: Ability to add your owen bookmarks to options
  • New abilities for Addon-plugins: Ability to wirk with playlist's Save/Load functions
  • New abilities for Addon-plugins: Advanced playlist's abilities
  • New HotKey Manager: Ability to set both global and local keys for all functions
  • New HotKey Manager: Improved Multimedia keys working
  • New DSP Engine: Logarithmic volume control added
  • New DSP Engine: Sound normalization filter added
  • New DSP Engine: Channel reversing filter added (for stereo only)
  • New DSP Engine: Voice removing filter added
  • New DSP Engine: Silence skip (then playing) filter added
  • New DSP Engine: Stereo Enhancer filter added (for stereo only)
  • New DSP Engine: Improved work with Winamp DSP
  • New Winamp Input Wrapper
  • New SkinsEngine: Added ability to add buttons / ñheck box / scrollbars
  • New SkinsEngine: Added ability to align elements with "centre"
  • New SkinsEngine: Added ability to align text in labels
  • New SkinsEngine: Programm's code optimization
  • Audio Library: Quick search in grouping tree
  • Audio Library: Ability to choose table column's position
  • Audio Library: New DB service menu
  • Audio Library: New library interface
  • Audio Library: Quick navigation panel
  • Audio Library: FLAC / APE support
  • Audio Library: Expanded fusion with player
  • Audio Library: Saving relative file paths from removable drives
  • Playlists: Programm's code optimization
  • Playlists: m3u8 playlists support
  • Playlists: The playlist name becomes folder name if folder added
  • Playlists: Scrolling playlist bookmarks by mouse wheel
  • Playlists: Data caching reduced
  • Playlists: Load / Save playlist's operations accelerated
  • Playlists: Automatic sort playlist function with window "Playlist Customization"
  • Player: Ability of autosaving playlists with the path it was opened from (previously it was saving to the profile folder)
  • Player: Ability to use "if" statement in string masks
  • Player: Genres are ordered by name
  • Player: "Stop" button blinking then option "Stoped after track played" is on
  • Player: MIDI / MOD files play options
  • Player: Displaying of true track names instead of signs "next / previous file" on navigation buttons
  • Player: Displaying of player status in tray hint
  • Player: Ability to order code table to none-Unicode strings
  • Player: Patching of function "copy to folder" - "recent folders" list added
  • Player: New play / capture Internet-radio unit
  • Player: Patching of CUE-Sheets unit (switching between tracks by context menu in current track position)
  • Player: New settings screen ergonomics
  • Player: Main windows transparency settings extended
  • New Quick Tag Editor: Copy data to buffer button added
  • New Quick Tag Editor: Copy file to buffer button added
  • New Quick Tag Editor: Autofill tags function from file name / file's path
  • New Quick Tag Editor: New design
  • New bookmarks manager: View preference
  • Extended search: Ability to set lists for file search
  • Extended search: Displaying of file number in order
  • Audio Converter: New converter engine
  • Audio Converter: Switched on command-line coders
  • Audio Converter: New interface
  • Audio Converter: FLAC, AAC, MPC/MP+ added
  • Advanced Tag Editor: Programm's code optimization
  • Advanced Tag Editor: Added AutoTag function
  • Advanced Tag Editor: New interface
  • Advanced Tag Editor: Ability to set cover to several files
  • Advanced Tag Editor: Ability to remove tags of several files
Version 2.50 Build 235 RC1

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Betriebssystem Windows 9x / Windows NT / Windows .XP
Lizenztyp Freeware
3.37 MB 56k 8:13
ISDN 7:11
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6000 0:04
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